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Frequently Asked Questions regarding mobile discos and party DJ FAQ My DJ is taken ill or cannot make it? In the unlikely event this happens I will attempt to find another DJ who can attend. In the extremely unlikely event that another mobile disco cannot be found you are covered by a legal contract and if I cannot find a replacement in time you will receive a full refund including any deposits made. The Mobile Disco equipment breaks down? I carry spare equipment so in the extremely unlikely event the equipment breaks down i can still do you party. What kind of music do you play? Whatever you like is the answer to this one. If you want something a bit different, all you need to do is fill in a Song Request Form before your event and we will do our best to get all the tracks you requests. If you have a specialist type of music you wish to be played on the night please state when requesting a quote as the additional purchase of music can affect a quote. Do you take guest requests or playlists? Yes, but please understand that some songs will not be played if the i feel its incorrect for the type of environment and the type of event - for example we wouldn't play "the prodigy" at your Grandfathers 80'th birthday unless he asked us. The DJ is the one who will know what songs will work & what time it would be most appropriate to play them. The DJ is governed by his dance floor. If the DJ feels other people won't like or wouldn’t perhaps dance to the song you have chosen it will either be played at a more appropriate time or not at all. We have to use our judgement to be able play to a crowd as whole & not just individual guests. How can I book a mobile disco? You can book by calling myself or by filling in a mobile disco quote request form. How do I pay for my DJ? A £50 deposit is required prior to the event A The remaining balance is required in cash on the night of the event The deposit paid is non-refundable in the event of cancelling 21 days before the event. What do you charge for a mobile DJ? Charges vary depending on the date, times, location and duration of your disco and any extras. If you want more information on how Tonez Disco is priced just ask. Do I need to pay a deposit? In order to secure a booking you will need to pay a deposit, this usually works out roughly about 25% of the total cost of booking or £50, when you receive a quote it will include the deposit required. Is my booking confirmed with a contract? Yes, all bookings made through Tonez Disco will have a contract, depending on time scales and preference we can either post you a contract or email you the contract. Will it cost more if I need my mobile disco upstairs? If your party is being held on the first floor there will be no extra charges, we will need to know beforehand so extra time can be allocated for the setup and takedown of equipment. If your party is being held at a higher level there may however be additional charges for the time taken to carry equipment. Can I meet you before making a booking? Yes, we can meet you before you book to go through the details. I welcome any contact via email, telephone or face to face regarding the details of your event. How long does it take to set a mobile disco up? This is a tricky one to tell accurately, If It was me and I had to set up for a party of say 200 people and the "stage" was quite close to my parking space I'd say it'd take me an hour. However, I would defiantly allow an hour and half to properly check everything is running smoothly first. Again, it takes me about 30-45 minutes to take down my equipment if the stage is nearby. Do you need much room for your DJ's setup? Most setups can fit into a space 3x2m however this does depend on which set up you get and how much equipment they use etc.  Please enquire for a more accurate measurement. Is one plug socket enough for a mobile disco? I'm using low power LED lighting and providing I only use a couple of 15" speakers one socket is enough although please always allow for 2 close to the mobile disco setup area (within 5m preferred max 10m). Will my DJ have Public Liability Insurance & Portable Appliance Test certificates? If these documents are required they can be provided before the event, if the venue requires these then please let me know beforehand so the I can provide the certificates. What will my DJ wear to my party? Dress code is smart casual, if you require the DJ to wear a suit or tux please specify this when making your enquiry. Will my mobile disco speakers be loud enough? Yes, when you provide details of how many people will be attending as long as you specify if it is outdoors or a large hall etc I can make sure you get  a large enough sound system. Is the disco equipment waterproof? To the best of my knowledge - No. If you have a party outside please provide cover for the equipment if there is a chance of rain. Can I use a smoke machine at my party? If you want to get great effects from the mobile disco lights a smoke machine is essential. Some venues fitted with "particle detecting" smoke alarms which are the standard ones may be set off by a smoke machine. A small amount of smoke will usually be ok but please check with the venue beforehand to make sure. Is the mobile disco equipment safe? If you require me to provide a certificate proving that the equipment i plan to use for your party is PAT tested then this can be arranged. Please insure you ask for this when making your enquiry. How should I go about compiling a repertoire list? As a rule, it is better to request a core of, say, 20-30 songs, and let the DJ use his expertise to compile the rest of the music list, basing his programme on the styles of the music that you have specifically requested The venue has their own resident DJ, why should I use you? Some venues have a 'Resident DJ' who they try to insist upon their clients to use and this can be a big risk. Even some of the supposedly high-end venues just book the cheapest Disco they can find regardless of quality or performance, then charge double or triple that cost to you!  But more importantly your function is still not as successful as you hoped. Of course some hotels have excellent Resident DJs but why take that risk? Of someone you cannot meet or discuss your requirements with before your special day. Don't be pushed into having who the venue wants. It's your event - you should have that choice! . I'd like you to go on a bit longer than we booked you for... what do we have to do?  So long as the venue operators don't mind and will allow it, then this is not a problem. Please speak to your DJ for extra time. We insist on £25 per hour in extra time. Please take into account, bars & venues have liquor & entertainment licences with strict guidelines to work to. If there is no problem then just let the DJ or one of the event team know before the end (or near the end) of the event. Overtime will be charged as said at a fixed rate of £25 per hour or part thereof.  This does not include additional cost of room hire for the venue operators. Please understand if the venue is found to be in breach of licensing laws then we are not held responsible for their actions. Will you still be in business on our wedding day?  Yes we have 20 years successful track record. But this is a good question.  Many DJ companies come and go. We frequently get calls from clients whose functions are a week away and their DJ has let them down.  We’ll be there, you can count on it. Can I afford you? Yes.  We have structured several packages in ways to bring our services within reach of most of our clients. We’re not the cheapest in town, nor the most expensive, but we think we are the best.  You be the judge.